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Pat Testing

The Pat Testing service is as follows;

A simple visual check on the appliance's plug, flex and suitability of the appliance for the environment and its job. This inspection includes removing the plug top inspecting the wiring, connections and fuse.

A series of instrument tests to check for less obvious faults and to fully comply with the IEE Regulations.

Microwave Testing

Microwave ovens provide a convenient and safe way of cooking food in the workplace, however faults can occur and unless periodically tested they may become a health and safety hazard without you being aware.

As microwaves are used usually on a daily basis, after a period of time, the door seals can become faulty causing leakage levels to exceed the recommended limit. The safety interlock switches and the door seals are inspected for any signs of damage to ensure that they function correctly and safely.

We offer a Microwave oven leakage testing service to compliment our Portable Appliance Testing. This can be carried out at the same time as the Portable Appliances.

Customer Completion Package

The customer completion package consists of the following;

  • All appliances individually labelled showing current test date, re-test date and unique identifier.
  • A report detailing pass fail information on all appliances tested.
  • Certificate of compliance.


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